iron maiden band image

L to R: Dave Murray, Nicko McBrain, Steve Harris, Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith

Today’s Metal Rewind takes us back to 1986 to a song from Iron Maiden’s sixth album, “Somewhere in Time” called “Wasted Years.”

Wasted Years was written solely by guitarist Adrian Smith and chronicles the band’s feelings of being homesick after being on tour for almost a year, but also reminds us that we should focus on the positive and enjoy the present day in our “golden years”.  The original working title for the song was “Golden Years” but was changed so that fans would not get confused with David Bowie’s “Golden Years.”

The cover of the single depicts the point of view of the band’s mascot Eddie as he flies a time machine, however only part of his face is seen as a reflection on the screen because the band was getting ready to reveal his new cyborg guise on their upcoming album release a few weeks later.

The video below for “Wasted Years” features black and white footage of the band playing in the studio entwined with scenes that chronicle the band’s life on the road and even showcasing singer Bruce Dickinson’s love of fencing. Definitely one of many classic songs by the band.




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