My name is Carol and I began this blog as a tribute for my love of heavy metal. As a teenager in the 80’s, I found that while I liked all different types of music and bands, metal was my calling. There was nothing more exciting than seeing your favorite bands live, the clothes, the hair, everything that defined the metal scene and what it stands for.

A few years ago, I was writing for a blog, but couldn’t dedicate as much time to it as I would have liked. Recently though, a good friend suggested that I start a new blog and hence “THE METAL WIRE” was born.

It’s been lots of fun so far and I look forward to the journey ahead. I want to thank everyone for their support and help in making this blog a reality.  There is always stuff going on behind the scenes to make the blog even better and I value all your input, comments and suggestions. Please feel free to email me your thoughts and ideas or suggestions to:


P.S. While I am kind of camera shy, I’ll use a throwback from 2003 when I saw Overkill at the now defunct L’amour’s in Brooklyn, New York. I had the opportunity to meet Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth before the show and was totally starstruck (cheesy smile alert) as a friend dragged me by the hand to meet him. He was so nice and down to earth and made me feel like I knew him forever. They were and always will be one of my favorite metal bands forever.