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L to R: Michael Foster, Bill Leverty, C.J. Snare, Perry Richardson

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Happy Wednesday Metalheads! Today we’re continuing our trip back in time to the metal power ballads that either we loved or hated. Let me know what some of yours are and I’ll feature them in a future post.

Let’s go back in time to 1991 to a song by Firehouse off their self-titled debut album called “Love of a Lifetime.”


The song which is the third single off the album reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Written by founding member, singer C.J. Snare, the song almost didn’t make it to the album, but after the record label wasn’t satisfied with the power ballad originally recorded for the album, C.J. brought the song up and hence the hit was born. Although guitarist Bill Leverty, didn’t write the song, he received a writing credit for the track. C.J. has said in interviews that they had a deal that songwriting credit be shared regardless of who wrote the song.  Even today fans at their shows often tell the band that “Love of a Lifetime” was their wedding song.

Check out the video for the sweet ballad below: