L To R: Fred Coury, Tom Keifer, Eric Brittingham and Jeff LaBar

L To R: Fred Coury, Tom Keifer, Eric Brittingham and Jeff LaBar

Pictures courtesy of Wikipedia

Today we take a trip back to 1986 to the first album by Cinderella called “Night Songs” released on Mercury Records in the US and Vertigo Records in Europe.

Although Cinderella released “Shake Me” as their first single and video, the album didn’t really catch on until the release of “Nobody’s Fool”, which reached #13 on the Billboard Top 20 in 1986. Cinderella also secured an opening slot on Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet tour and the combination propelled the album to triple platinum status.

Cinderella released “Somebody Save Me” as their third single and video with guest stars Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora at the end of the video. The song however, only reached #66 on the Billboard Top 100 chart in 1987. The band lineup for Night Songs includes: Tom Keifer – vocals and guitar, Jeff LaBar – guitar, Eric Brittingham – bass and although drummer Fred Coury joined the band in 1985, the drum tracks on the album had already been completed by session drummer Jody Cortez. The band also released a video compilation called “Night Songs: The Videos which featured 3 live songs from their 1986 tour, as well as the videos for “Shake Me”, “Nobody’s Fool” and “Somebody Save Me.”

While the band went on hiatus a few times and have played several reunion shows, they stopped playing once again in 2017. Singer Tom Keifer said in an interview that the band at this point has no plans to reunite due to internal differences. Don’t Know What You Got Til It’s Gone!

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