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Happy Wednesday Metalheads! Hope you’re having a great week so far. Today we take a trip back to 1983 to the classic first album by Metallica called “Kill ‘Em All” released on Megaforce Records.

The band was planning to name the album “Metal Up Your Ass” with the cover art featuring a toilet bowl and a hand clutching a dagger but was changed after suggestions from Megaforce Records. The new title came about after Cliff Burton said in response to the situation: “Why don’t we just kill ’em all?”

The lineup for “Kill “Em All” includes James Hetfield, Kirk Hammettt, Lars Ulrich and the late Cliff Burton. Dave Mustaine, who was the original guitarist in Metallica received writing credits on four of the songs on the album (“The Four Horsemen” (originally titled “The Mechanix”), “Jump In The Fire”, “Phantom Lord” and “Metal Militia”). The album was ranked number 35 on Rolling Stone’s 1989 list of The 100 Greatest Albums of the ’80s and was listed by Kerrang! magazine at number 29 among the “100 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums of All Time”.

What more can you say but Hit The Lights and Jump In The Fire!!

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