Happy Friday Metalheads! Today we take a trip back to 1970 to the anniversary of the second album by Black Sabbath called “Paranoid” released 50 years ago on September 18, 1970.

The album which was released 7 months after their debut album, was their only album to hit the UK music charts, until the release of “13” in 2013. Recorded at Regent Sound Studios and Island Studios with producer Rodger Bain, the title track was a last minute addition that was written to complete the album. The band released the song as their first single and it has become one of the most classic songs in heavy metal history.

The band had originally planned to name the album “War Pigs” after the classic song but it was rumored that the record label was afraid of backlash as the Vietnam War was going on during that time. Ozzy Osbourne has debunked this theory in his book “I Am Ozzy” stating that it was changed because “Paranoid” was the first single and the record company felt the album would sell better.

In 2017, after completing their “The End’ tour, the members of Black Sabbath announced that they were officially disbanding. Guitarist Tony Iommi however, has not completely shut the door on the band, noting that he’d be open to one-off shows. Ozzy has also expressed interest in reuniting with the band for a performance at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in their hometown of Birmingham.

Check out the videos below from the classic album:



Also you can check out the classic album here:


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