Happy Friday Metalheads. Hope you all had a great week. To continue our Halloween themed month, today we are going to take a long journey back to 1970 for the debut self-titled album and title track by Black Sabbath, which is also considered by many as the first doom metal song.

Black Sabbath, who got their name for the 1963 horror movie “Black Sabbath” starring Boris Karloof, wrote the song in 1969 and released as a single the following year. Inspired by bassist Geezer Butler’s obsession with the occult at the time, Ozzy had given Butler a black occult book written in Latin which included pictures of Satan. Geezer, who had several occult items in his home, placed the book on a shelf. He has stated that he had fallen asleep and woke up and saw a figure by the edge of his bed that vanished right before him. He then went to look on the shelf where he had left the book and it was gone. When he told Ozzy what had happened Ozzy wrote the lyrics based on Butler’s experience starting the song off with the infamous lines “What is this that stands before me? Figure in black which points at me.”

The song which is one of their most popular songs has also been cited by critics that it contains one of the most definitive heavy metal riffs of all time.



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