L to R: Greg Chaisson, Eric Singer, Ray Gillen and Jake E. Lee

Pictures courtesy of Wikipedia and Discoogs

Happy Friday Metalheads!! While I had posted about this song on our Instagram page, I wanted to show the song and the band some more love, so join me as we take a trip back to 1989, to the self titled first album by Badlands for the song “Dreams In The Dark”.

The album which features Ray Gillen – vocals, Eric Singer – drums, Jake E. Lee – guitars and Greg Chaisson – bass was one of the best breakout albums selling 400,000 copies by 1990, landing them on the Billboard Chart at #57. The video for “Dreams In The Dark” was also played in heavy rotation on MTV.

The band released their second album “Voodoo Highway” in 1991, but the band lineup had changed due to Eric Singer leaving to join Paul Stanley on his solo tour, which led to his future role in KISS, after the death of Eric Carr. Gillen and Lee’s friendship began to fall apart and Gillen was eventually fired. Although Lee tried to keep the band going, they eventually disbanded.

Gillen, who had been diagnosed with HIV, passed away in 1993. Jake E. Lee formed Red Dragon Cartel in 2013, while Greg Chaisson still plays with original and cover bands and coaches baseball in Arizona.


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