L to R (Top to bottom): Markus Grosskopf, Michael Weikath, Ingo Schwichtenberg, Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen

Photos courtesy of Wikipedia

Today we take a trip back to 1987 to the Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part 1 album by German power metal band, Helloween for the track, Halloween.

The song that appears on the album is over 13 minutes long but was edited down to a little over 5 minutes for the music video which appeared in heavy rotation on MTV. This was the first Helloween album with vocalist Michael Kiske and is considered to be the album that launched Helloween to fame. The lineup for the Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part 1 includes: Michael Kiske – vocals, Kai Hansen and Michael Weikath – guitars, Markus Grosskopf – bass and Ingo Schwichtenberg – drums. Sadly Ingo, who was fired from the band committed suicide in 1995, after years of battling mental illness.

While the band has undergone various lineup changes, they are currently working on a new album and a tour for 2019, including reuniting with Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen.

Check out the video below:

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