Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. This blog is dedicated to the heavy metal scene and all the great bands and styles of metal that have enhanced my life for a long time.

My name is Carol and I have been a fan of metal since I was a teenager. While I went through many different phases in my musical tastes, metal is where I felt “I fit.”  There is lots of great music out there but for this blog metal was the dominant force that made me want to start writing again.

I was involved with a blog several years ago and really enjoyed working on it, but didn’t have enough free time to contribute as much as I would have liked.  Over the past few years, I realized how much I truly missed doing it and how much I wanted to get back into it hence the creation of  The Metal Wire.

I look forward to sharing my metal likes, dislikes, news and commentary with you. Feel free to say hi and share your comments.

Have a METAL day!



  1. Pat

    Glad that you started up the Blog. I am looking forward to seeing your posts. My son just went to his second metal concert this year. I am sure he will enjoy the blog too!

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  2. Pat

    Saw Sabaton and Kreator in the Spring at the Fillmore in Philly and FFDP/Breaking Benjamin at the Key Bank Amphitheater this week. Both were great shows! I preferred Sabaton but he is a huge FFDP fan so this last show was for him. Lots of picts on FB (you have access).



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